Rifugio Madonna delle Nevi
Rifugio Madonna delle Nevi – Mezzoldo, Bergamo
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Rifugio Madonna delle Nevi.
An educational proposal that we encourage anyone who want to spend a few days of fun and learning in nature. Activities of various kinds, conducted by professionals with expertise and different formations. Botanical Gardens and Museum of Natural Sciences "E. Caffi" of Bergamo, Associazione "We Alps and Group" Goo - Look Beyond the Obvious "are the partners who work collaboratively with the Shelter for the realization of this project.
This brand new proposal has been organized by the staff of the Rifugio Madonna delle Nevi and a group of trained young people, graduated from various Universities in Lombardy. Some activities can also be planned in cooperation with the Botanical Garden and the Natural History Museum of Bergamo. Our wide range of activities aims to help the children of your school learn and experience the many different sides of Nature. You will learn everything about the forest and its inhabitants, such as wild animals and rare flowers. This will help the younger generations to learn how to respect the environment around us. We can also organize didactical games, which involve teachers and students as well in an entertaining and instructive adventure in the woods!

For further information, please contact us: we’ll be delighted to organize a personalized activity with you!